Technical Details

Slate… but not as you know it!

Tapco Slate Classic’s textured surfaces and deck ledges are modelled from authentic natural slates, imparting a controlled uniformity that epitomises natural slate roofing.ClasicSlate delivers the appearance of a natural slate roof while offering lightweight, low-cost, durability and cutting edge, environmentally-conscious material technology that goes into every slate.


Thermal Insulation Saves Energy Costs

Alumaflex® The thin and highly efficient multi-foil insulation is designed to help reduce energy costs, save on space and meet the thermal requirements of Building Regulations.

  • Effective in both Summer and Winter
  • Alumaflex Insulation retains heat during winter and reflects heat in summer.
  • Flexible, durable and free from irritants
  • Lightweight and clean to instal
  • Acts as an effective vapour barier
  • Can be used in conjunction with other forms of insulation
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