Garage Conversions

Catering to homeowners throughout Middlesex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex, Eco Roofing SE, offers fully bespoke garage conversions to meet your unique needs.

Do you find that your garage is being used for everything but car storage these days? Perhaps you have a bigger car than your traditional sized garage was designed for and it is used to store everything from gardening equipment to kid’s toys and more. With the help of our team here at Eco Roofing SE, a garage conversion could give you the space you need.

Variety of Uses for Garage Conversion

What can you use a garage conversion for? Does it need to be an extra room for your growing family? No, not at all. That’s the beauty of a garage conversion, there is an almost limitless variety of uses you can put it to, depending on your needs and requirements.

Some of the most common options that our customers have opted for in the past include:

  • Home office – something that more and more people will be looking for in the post-COVID-19 world we find ourselves in.
  • Bedroom/Granny Annex – If you have an ailing and ageing relative that needs to live with you, converting your garage into a miniature 1-bedroom property is a great option. Likewise, if you have an older teen who is looking for some independence, this is a great option that offers them a bit of freedom, without needing to cope with the increasingly high rent charges there are right now.
  • Home Gym – what could be better than working out when you want in the way you want without really having to leave the house.
  • Living Area – if your current living room does not feel quite as big and spacious as you would like, a new living area dedicated to entertaining guests and relaxing in front of the TV at night is a great option.
  • Dining Area – similarly to the above, if you don’t have a dining room or area in your property, converting your garage to a purpose-built dining space could be a great option.
  • Children’s Playroom – as much as you love them, don’t you wish they could play somewhere else that is not immediately next door or a few doors along from your bedroom, home office or living room? A children’s playroom garage conversion is an excellent way to give them their own space, while also keeping them safe.
  • Extension of an adjoining room – perhaps you just want to extend out an existing room to have more floor space.
  • Partial conversion – with our partial conversion option, you still use half or a specified area of your garage for storage and other uses, while also benefitting from extra floor space for your property.

Full-Service Installation

We do not do things in halves here at Eco Roofing SE and do not believe in subcontracting parts of the garage conversion process out to other teams. When you hire us, you get our trained and experienced team from the initial groundwork to the finishing. Our complete service includes:

  • Brickwork
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Plastering
  • Studwork
  • Floor construction
  • Knocking through any doorways

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